The Many Aspects of Roof Installation, Repair & Maintenance

For most home owners, servicing and maintaining their roof is at the bottom of their priorities. Generally things like interior decor and decoration are at the top, while more menial tasks are forgotten. This is common human behaviour as the roof is tucked out of sight and the interiors of a home are always visible to the eye. However, this attitude might result in minor roof issues becoming a major, more expensive problem.

Take the example of roof gutters and downpipes, which over a period of time can get clogged from falling leaves, dirt and debris. In the worst case scenario, water will seep down the walls, damaging woodwork and at times even the foundation. Regular cleaning of the gutters by the owner or a roofing contractor can easily eliminate this problem, keeping the house in good condition.

Residential and commercial roofing are not similar and so roofing contractors should have the required professional expertise and be familiar in both industries. Residential roofing is mainly made of shingles, wood shakes, siding and custom copper work with peaked and flat shaped roofs. Commercial roofing, however, can consist of single ply systems, built-up or modified bitumen roof systems including copper, shingle, slate and metal roof systems. The type of roof to be installed largely depends on the commercial purpose – the roof of an office block and an industrial plant will not be the same.

What are the roofing services typically offered by good companies and contractors?

Roof Repair – Cleaning clogged gutters and downspouts is very important. Water mixed with falling leaves and dirt will form a heavy sludge that builds up, weighing down the gutters. This build-up of moisture from the clogged gutters can quickly damage the facadecausing it to decay and rot away. It is recommended to have them serviced regularly to prevent any mould or rot and stopping any damage before it spreads to other portions of the house. Shingles can also be a cause for concern with either large patches needing to be replaced or the damaged ones repaired.  Your roofing contractor can use specialised equipment easily and quickly cleaningthe gutters and preventing any major problems from developing.

Storm Damage Repair – It is always recommended to have the roof inspected after a particularly severe storm. If the attic has water stains or there are damp walls and corners, chances are that the roof is damaged. If you notice any water damage check the garden for any shingles that might have broken off the roof. If you notice and of these tell-tale signs of roof damage from a storm, contact a roofing service professional immediately. Delaying matters can result in build-up of mould and mildew spreading within the house, necessitating costly repairs at a later stage.

Carpentry and similar services – One of the worst forms of structural damage a house can exhibit is signs of wood within the roof and the fascia. It is recommended that the roof and walls be inspected at periodical intervals to ensure any rotting portions are be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. In extreme cases, the spread of mould and mildew can require whole portions of the house to be changed in order to contain the damage and sure the building is safe to live in. Rust can also be a major problem with blocked gutters and even older roofs. These can be easily detected by checking the flashing around the roof for rust spots. If left unattended, these places might crack and break resulting in a leaking roof.

Installation of new roof – This is a complex procedure and a long term investment. It is, therefore, necessary that the homeowner and the roofing contractor draw up plans for the roof keeping in mind specific requirements and budget constraints.

A study roof is built to give years of trouble free service, and a reputable and experienced roofing contractor can help make this happen.