Maintenance Tips for Your Home to Avoid the Heavy Cost of Repair

The cost of owning a home goes well beyond the price you paid for the house as you need to do some repairs now and then. When something breaks, you have to fix it and those repairs can be costly. So, it is essential that you have a regular maintenance schedule to keep a check on the things and avoid expensive repairs.

Here are some of those things you need to check to avoid costly repairs later on.


A roof inspection is essential to avoid the costly roof replacement and should be done every six months. If you have a shingle missing or a loose one or a leak in your roof, immediately take action. It will typically cost you a few hundred bucks but if the problem goes unaddressed, the damage caused will cost a lot more in the long run. When a leak is neglected, water can seep into insulation and other parts of your attic leading to mould growth and structural damage which could cost a lot. So, it is essential that you get your roof checked at least twice a year.


When was the last time you thought about cleaning the gutters? Your roof gutters are out of sight and probably out of mind, but they are the vital part of your home. Neglecting the gutters can lead to expensive repairs. You can always hire a gutter cleaning Dromana service provider to check and maintain your gutters. If the gutters are clogged it puts your home and safety at risk, this may also cause leaks in the roof and water to back up and overflow into other parts of your home and on to the electric wiring which would put you and your family at risk. So, it is advised that you get your gutters cleaned by a professional gutter cleaning Mornington service provider.

HVAC System

Your HVAC system can cost anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars and over a thousand depending on the problem. The fuse or circuit breaker can be replaced for a few hundred bucks, however, if you need to replace the circuit board and compressor it can cost a lot more. The easiest thing to do is maintain your HVAC system by replacing the air filter at regular intervals. In addition to this, you can inspect the unit every six months. To do so you should hire a professional as they will be better able to tell you about the problem and what should be done.

The above-mentioned are some of the maintenance tips you need to abide by to avoid the heavy cost of repairs.

What Roofing Services a Roofing Company Provides

The roof is easily one of the most important aspects of any building whether it is residential or commercial. It protects the inside from the environmental elements and any unwanted debris. However, severe weather conditions in Melbourne and surrounding areas, the extreme temperature conditions and the age of the roof, lead to wear and tear, so, every roof will need some type of minor repair from time to time. Whenever you notice any damage such as dampness, leaks, granules in gutters or sunlight coming in through the roof, then it is time to call building inspections in Melbourne. This is essential because they are experts in the field and the repairs should be performed safely by a trained professional. Hence you should only rely on a professional contractor to maintain and increase the lifespan of the roof and the building.

Here are few of the roofing services a roofing company in Melbourne provide that you must be aware of so that you can make use of them when in need.

Roofing Inspections

A roof inspection is one of that preventative maintenance that is easy to overlook, but it shouldn’t be. You can do it yourself or call an expert to do so. Roof inspections are simple inspections to determine the integrity of the roofs such as how long it may last and when would it need a replacement. The experts use special procedures to determine the lifespan of a given roof without tearing into it.

Leak Repairs

Sometimes roofs of your residential or commercial buildings develop leaks years before it would need to be replaced. Usually, these leaks are caused by localised damage such as cracked or missing shingles or shakes and on the flat roof a blistered or cracked area. The hardest part of repairing roof leaks is locating it. So, having an expert to do so is essential, as they use special tools and procedure to pinpoint the exact place and cause.

Damaged Shingles Repair

Repairing the damaged shingles is easy to overlook as you might think it is a minor issue, however, the damage is likely to get worse over time. This will eventually lead to leaks and structural damage as the water seeping beneath the shingles rots the wood and is the primary cause of black mould growth. So, it is essential that you hire an expert as soon as you discover a problem and save yourself from the loss.

Gutter Cleaning

Nobody likes to clean a gutter, as it is a time-consuming process and not to mention, the task stinks. The roofing companies offer gutter cleaning as well in Melbourne, so you are rest assured that it will be cleaned perfectly. Apart from this they also give your advice on how to prevent any buildups in the future.

The above-mentioned are the services offered by roofing companies in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs and if you are considering buying property then Mornington property inspections can help you out in buying the best property in town.

Expert Service for Home Roofing

The roof over your head should be the most looked after and maintained portion of your home. There are basically two reasons for this. First, it is the roof that protects you from the harsh elements outside while being subjected to often extreme weather fluctuations. The second reason is that a badly maintained and leaking roof will affect other portions of your home and repairing those areas can be a very costly proposition.

Take for example clogged roof gutters and downpipes, usually the effect of falling leaves and accumulated dirt and grime not cleaned for long. Water will seep over the gutters and stain the walls, affecting the foundation also. Scraping off the plaster from the walls and having it done again can cost you a pretty packet. Instead, having your roof periodically checked and maintained by roofing experts can result in long term savings in major repairs.

Roofing experts for your roof repair and maintenance have to be chosen with care. It is not every day that you will have your roofing changed or replaced. Hence, it is advisable that you follow a few simple steps before signing on the dotted line and finalising an expert service for home roofing.

  • Make an in-depth online research on the roofing contractors in your area. Browse their websites and see the list of previous clients and go through the testimonials. When you have shortlisted a few of them, contact them, explain the problem and call for quotations. Almost all of them will first inspect your roof before finalising the expenses. It is quite possible that at this stage they will recommend preventive measures not connected with roofing per se. For example, if there is a tree that sheds leaves on your roof and blocks the gutters you might be advised to remove the tree. In such cases, take professional help. If you are in the State of Victoria, you should avail professional Melbourne tree stump removal services instead of trying to do it yourself. The tree might fall on your house and further damage it. Call in Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery as they are undoubtedly the best arborist agency in this field offering services to the residents of Melbourne and its suburbs.
  • Confirm that the selected contractor is fully insured, bonded and licensed. Check for referrals from their previous clients to verify this aspect.
  • Check the inclusions offered in the quote. These include factoring in wind resistance into shingle selection as the life span of the roof will depend on this and that the entire project has been covered without any add-ons – right ventilation to prevent water build up and to maintain stable attic temperatures.
  • The contractor should provide protective barriers between the shingles and the raw wood so that an additional shield is created from ice and water.

Finally, opting for the lowest quote is not a good idea always. What matters is the inclusions being offered and how important they are in increasing the life span of your house.

Importance of Home Roof Maintenance

The roof is probably the most neglected part of your home, mainly because the surface is out of view and the need for repairs and a regular maintenance schedule is felt only when cracks begin to appear or the roof starts leaking. Calling in contractors at this stage will definitely be an expensive proposition for you. Instead it is always advisable to have your home roof checked for minor issues at periodical intervals so that the same may be rectified immediately at vastly reduced costs. Roofing contractors advise performing maintenance work during spring and fall as these two seasons are followed by ones with extreme weather fluctuations such as high winds and cyclones in summer and sleet and freezing rain in winter.

Roofing experts usually have two maintenance methods.

The first is a visual inspection of the roof and the rooftop PV system. They will decide on whether any components need to be replaced or repaired by taking a walk around the main surface and the edges. This will help to determine if major maintenance is required. One of the most crucial aspects of this visual inspection is to see if the roof gutters are clogged with dry leaves and dirt and whether the downpipes are blocked. When left unattended for long, blocked gutters can lead to accumulated water overflowing and seeping down the external walls leaving behind stains and marks. In such cases, plastering companies have to be contacted and the external coat scraped off and replastered. All of this is quite expensive and can be avoided if regular roof maintenance schedules are adhered to.

The second is a more comprehensive and thorough roof inspection. It exposes soft spots which are an indication that a detailed investigation has to be carried. It can either be destructive testing which is making an opening for closer analysis or non-destructive testing with infra-red scans. Significant deterioration if found should be taken care of at once.

Why is regular roof inspections and maintenance so crucial? Here are some of the reasons –

  • Increases life span of the roof – Since the roof is constantly exposed to nature, regular maintenance and taking care of small problems immediately will significantly increase the life span of the roof. It also means that you can avoid costs of major repairs and maintenance which includes total roof replacement. There is no fixed schedule for roof maintenance as it depends on a number of variables such as the age of the roof, and prevailing extreme weather variations. Even for a new roof, roofing contractors recommend checking once every couple of years.
  • Maintains curb appeal – A lot of thought is given to interior decoration of a home. Similarly it has to be understood that the external looks matter a lot too as the curb value of your property has a lot to do with aesthetics of the house at first sight. A damaged roof or stained walls from overflowing roof gutters can drastically reduce the sale price of your home. Formation of roof algae causes black streaks across the exteriors and this is not a pleasant sight for potential buyers. All these and more can be taken care of by having the roof checked and maintained periodically.
  • Reduces roof replacement time and costs – You should plan for the future too as far as your roof is concerned. If you do have to have your roof replaced, a regular maintained roof will lower replacement cost and time. This is because there will be no need to change the insulation and carpentry and the sheeting or the shingles will have to be laid only. Hence regular roof maintenance now can also be treated as a future roof replacement investment.

All this goes to prove that preventive roof maintenance should be carried out by all home owners. It gives peace of mind knowing that the roof will stand up to any type of weather outside.

The Many Aspects of Roof Installation, Repair & Maintenance

For most home owners, servicing and maintaining their roof is at the bottom of their priorities. Generally things like interior decor and decoration are at the top, while more menial tasks are forgotten. This is common human behaviour as the roof is tucked out of sight and the interiors of a home are always visible to the eye. However, this attitude might result in minor roof issues becoming a major, more expensive problem.

Take the example of roof gutters and downpipes, which over a period of time can get clogged from falling leaves, dirt and debris. In the worst case scenario, water will seep down the walls, damaging woodwork and at times even the foundation. Regular cleaning of the gutters by the owner or a roofing contractor can easily eliminate this problem, keeping the house in good condition.

Residential and commercial roofing are not similar and so roofing contractors should have the required professional expertise and be familiar in both industries. Residential roofing is mainly made of shingles, wood shakes, siding and custom copper work with peaked and flat shaped roofs. Commercial roofing, however, can consist of single ply systems, built-up or modified bitumen roof systems including copper, shingle, slate and metal roof systems. The type of roof to be installed largely depends on the commercial purpose – the roof of an office block and an industrial plant will not be the same.

What are the roofing services typically offered by good companies and contractors?

Roof Repair – Cleaning clogged gutters and downspouts is very important. Water mixed with falling leaves and dirt will form a heavy sludge that builds up, weighing down the gutters. This build-up of moisture from the clogged gutters can quickly damage the facadecausing it to decay and rot away. It is recommended to have them serviced regularly to prevent any mould or rot and stopping any damage before it spreads to other portions of the house. Shingles can also be a cause for concern with either large patches needing to be replaced or the damaged ones repaired.  Your roofing contractor can use specialised equipment easily and quickly cleaningthe gutters and preventing any major problems from developing.

Storm Damage Repair – It is always recommended to have the roof inspected after a particularly severe storm. If the attic has water stains or there are damp walls and corners, chances are that the roof is damaged. If you notice any water damage check the garden for any shingles that might have broken off the roof. If you notice and of these tell-tale signs of roof damage from a storm, contact a roofing service professional immediately. Delaying matters can result in build-up of mould and mildew spreading within the house, necessitating costly repairs at a later stage.

Carpentry and similar services – One of the worst forms of structural damage a house can exhibit is signs of wood within the roof and the fascia. It is recommended that the roof and walls be inspected at periodical intervals to ensure any rotting portions are be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. In extreme cases, the spread of mould and mildew can require whole portions of the house to be changed in order to contain the damage and sure the building is safe to live in. Rust can also be a major problem with blocked gutters and even older roofs. These can be easily detected by checking the flashing around the roof for rust spots. If left unattended, these places might crack and break resulting in a leaking roof.

Installation of new roof – This is a complex procedure and a long term investment. It is, therefore, necessary that the homeowner and the roofing contractor draw up plans for the roof keeping in mind specific requirements and budget constraints.

A study roof is built to give years of trouble free service, and a reputable and experienced roofing contractor can help make this happen.